[Lahore] General Body Meeting

Venue: Paniniz, DHA Phase IV-37 CCA Block.
Day: Saturday, 30th March, 2013.
Time: 7:00pm onward.


We are due 2013′s GBM since long so here we go.. following are the things planned for this GBM.. feel free to suggest anything else you have in mind.

1. Membership renewal
2. Activities suggestion for this year
3. Lahore Team Selection/Nomination (If you want to be a part of team please make sure you attend the GBM and also pay the membership fee)

Most of the Lahore team has left Lahore or have gotten busy with their lives so we are looking for new energetic people to join. Following are the posts we have:

City Head
Deputy City Head
Event Coordinator
SIGs Head
Deputy SIGs
Testing Team (We may or may not need people in testing team though)

2 thoughts on “[Lahore] General Body Meeting”

  1. When are you planning to conduct a test in Lahore?
    If you have any sample test, please send to my ID…

  2. Sarwar, we will announce test here when we schedule one. You can stay updated by following the website.

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