[Lahore] MENSA IQ test on Saturday 29th September, 2012.

Hi all,

We are expected to have a MENSA supervised IQ test in Lahore on Saturday 29th September inshAllah.

Venue: LGS Girls Branch. 136-E, Phase 1. DHA.

1) 9:30am to 10:00am
2) 10:10am – 10:40am
3) 10:50am – 11:20am

Note: You have to register/appear in just one session as per your convenience and slots availability.

Registration Fee: Rs 500/-

Registration Contact Persons:
Usman Zaheer 0321-4292295
Muhammad 0322-4264444

For any other queries feel free to ask.

You can also join event on Facebook to keep yourself updated

16 thoughts on “[Lahore] MENSA IQ test on Saturday 29th September, 2012.”

  1. Hi there,

    This is Abubaker Haroon from Islamabad. Is there a test being taken in or around Islamabad in near future? I would like to take this test. I have taken many IQ tests online (unsupervised, but time bound) and have scored from 136 to 145. I would really want to know if I am Mensa material. How many members are there in and around Islamabad area?

  2. Hi Abubakr,

    There is one planned in GIKI I believe. If you can manage giving there. Updates of that will be posted on website as well.

  3. I’m Muhammad Sarwar from Bahwalpur… I want to know if there is any test expected in Bahwalpur… I think MensaPk should conduct a test in The Islamia University of Bahawalpur… MensaPk is expected to get a large no. of Mensa Material from Bwp…

    And please also send me some sample Mensa IQ test by e-mail because I’ve never taken any standered IQ test and I want to assess myself before appearing any Mensa IQ Test…

  4. The results takes 3-4 weeks as notified on test day… if someone told you otherwise then it must have been a mistake.

    We apologies for the delay.. you will inshAllah receive results in the week after Eid.

  5. Check your emails.. if you don’t find it then check junk/spam folders.. if you still don’t fine it email to the chairman.

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