Mensa Intelligence Day – Pakistan Program schedule

Boost your brainpower:
Join our IQ tests on Intelligence Day!

On Intelligence Day, people all over the world participate in our scientific IQ test. Take the chance to broaden your horizon! You can find out your IQ score, measure your intelligence and its different abilities. In addition, numerous events offer the chance to meet the high IQ society Mensa.

Participating Countries – 2011:

Austria Brazil Canada China Croatia Cyprus Denmark Finland France Germany uk
Hongkong India Macedonia Malaysia Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Pakistan Philippines Romania Serbia

Pakistan Program schedule:

Flag Pakistan

30 September - Islamabad (Federal Territory)- Mensa Intelligence Day meetup and IQ session

01 October - GIK Institute (Swabi, KPK) – Mensa IQ test session at All Pakistan Mathematics Olympiad

02 October - Lahore (Punjab) - Mensa Intelligence Day meetup

08 October – Karachi (Sindh) – Mensa Intelligence Day meetup

For details & registration:


T: +92 (0)345 213 00 77

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