Lahore – MENSA IQ test on 23rd July 2011

MENSA is organizing its test in Lahore on Saturday 23rd July at 364 E-1 LGS Johar Town.

There will be four test sessions (added if required) at the following times:
1. 9:00am to 9:30am
2. 10:00am to 10:30am
3. 10:45am to 11:15am
4. 11:30am to 12:00pm

You need to ONLY appear in one test session, whatever time suits you. Each test session will be of 30min duration which will have 5 min briefing about test format and 5 min for sample problems before getting you started with 20 min of actual test.

The registration fee is Rs. 500, for registration you can contact the following people:
Usman Zaheer 0321-4292295
Ahmad Baber 0321-8487466
Ahsan Masood 0344-4482677
Shahmyel Tariq 0321-4554556
Armaghan 0300-9493260  (LGS Branch)

Many interested applicants ask what the format is like and if they need to bring calculators, pens, rubbers etc so here are the answers:

1. The test is purely figure reasoning so you won’t be needing (or allowed) to bring a calculator.
2. You are only allowed to use lead pencil for the test which will also be provided by MENSA so you don’t need to bring a stationary box either.
3. Duration of test is 20 minutes.

Feel free to ask in case of any queries.

All the best to the applicants.

MENSA Pakistan



13 thoughts on “Lahore – MENSA IQ test on 23rd July 2011”

  1. hi,
    can u tell me the full address.. and how to get registered, can i do that on test date…. ?

  2. Yes sure. I will post the full address shortly.

    For registration you can contact any of the persons mentioned and get to them to get yourselves registered. You can also register on spot but you might not be able to get slot of your choice in that case.

  3. Asalam – O – Ailikum.
    My Name Is Fahad Waseem. I Am A Current MENSA MEMBER.
    I Gave the MENSA Test in 2010 in LGS PHASE 5. I am in A-level 2nd year.
    Firstly, I have sum Queires. I am A bit Confused about MENSA. I Really Want To Get Into sumthing related to MENSA PAKISTAN, But I don’t Know what to do. Please Guide me.
    Secondly, There Had not been any Mensa Meeting For A couple of Months. So please help me out.
    Thank U for ur time.
    I am Waiting For ur Reply…

  4. And Will There Be Another Test In 2011?…..I Want To do Volunteer Work. I Didn’t Knew 23rd July’s Volunteer Work Was Asked! :(

  5. @Fahad

    A couple of things for you:

    1. Reading your message makes me feel that you didn’t attend the Certificate distribution ceremony since plenty was mentioned there how MENSA chapters all over the world works.
    2. Thank you for your interest, we have your contact and will let you know if we can use your help in conducting upcoming test.
    3. For any such queries in future you can discuss in a separate thread since this one is for upcoming test.

  6. AOA! i read the email about IQ test which you sent to fast Lahore university.
    what is the benefit of taking this test?
    if i qualify then what i’ll do ?
    please give me briefing about that.
    when you’ll be conducting test on 23rd of July?


  7. Wa Nabila,

    MENSA is a worldwide IQ society who’s agenda includes (but not limited to):

    Mensa provides a forum for intellectual exchange among members. Its activities include exchange of ideas by lectures, discussions, journals, etc.

    The purpose is; to identify and foster human intelligence for the benefit of humanity, to encourage research in the nature, characteristic & the uses of intelligence; to provide a stimulating intellectual & social environment for its members”.

    What Mensa is primarily about is social and intellectual opportunity. Members are equals: they meet and talk as equals, and they tend to be friendly and at ease with each other.

    MENSA also provides you activities like month meetings and Special Interest groups.

    If you qualify you will be declared MENSA Qualified and will be able to apply for membership by paying the annual fee. You can look online to see MENSA chapters worldwide and what activities they do for further details.

    The test details are already mentioned above.

    Let us know if you still have any queries.

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