Looking for Volunteers to organize Mensa IQ test all over Pakistan

The summer holidays are on … and all who wish to have a Mensa test in their respective cities … now is the opportunity

Mensa Pakistan is on the lookout for volunteers to help organize Mensa IQ test in different cities all over Pakistan

All we need from our volunteers is to help us secure a VENUE (ideally a class room setup at some centrally located institute / University / School)

and in return they will get:
- A complimentary Mensa Test,
- World acclaimed recommendation letter from Mensa, and
- Exclusive dinner-meeting with Mensa members.

all interested can contact: 0345-2130077 – or write to me directly at <chairman-pk@mensa.org> with “Mensa Test Volunteer – City” as the subject

3 thoughts on “Looking for Volunteers to organize Mensa IQ test all over Pakistan”

  1. Will There Be Another Test in 2011 other than this? I wanted to do this Volunteer Work :( , As I am a Mensa member too.
    But As i am having Holidays from my School (LGS PHASE 5), I didn’t got any info regarding Mensa having a test on 23rd July. Please Help!
    Thank you!

  2. You won’t get info about MENSA activities from your school but rather online.
    And I already said we will ping you if needed for 23rd so just sit back and relax…

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