National Internship Program – Pakistan Wide

The Government of Pakistan has announced National Internship Program funded by Asian Development Bank for the Unemployed student of Pakistan. So far very low number of applications have been received i.e. 527 with in Pakistan. The target is to have 10,000 application at least to utilize this fund OTHERWISE This FUND WILL BE LESS UTILIZED & WILL BE REVERSED BACK TO THE DONOR.

You are requested to inform your friends, colleagues, family members, neighbors who are eligible to the internship criteria. Below is the extract of the Advertisement Published in Dawn with extended on 13 November 2009 page # 13.

If you have done masters or completed 16 years education and you are 25 or less than 25 years of age Yet Unemployed. You have chance to join Prime Minister National Internship Program and get Rs.10,000 per month for 01 year.

Eligibility Criteria

1. Masters in any segment OR 16 years of education
2. Age Less then or upto 25 Years.
3. Yet Unemployed

Submit your application to along with your documents to following addresses


Ministry of Youth Affairs
Prime Minister secretariat


O&M/NIP cell,
Block 03, First Floor,
Room # 5
S&GAD at Civil Secretariat
Quetta – Balochistan

OR send to respective DCO of your respective district
OR drop your CV online visit website

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Raza Jaffri

Mensa Pakistan General Secretary, Member, Management Committee (ManComm) President Elect, Rotary Club of Lahore Liberty

29 thoughts on “National Internship Program – Pakistan Wide”

  1. salam pakistan. jnab main na intrn ship k lea apply keya tha but ubi tuk koi reply nhi aya y?
    just reply plzzzzzzzz

  2. 18 thousand degrees rejected by universities,,fears arise of nip to b a failed story

    According to latest statistics provided by ministry of youth affairs on their official web-site,Out of 62422 degrees sent for verification to hec to be verified by universities,17558 records have been rejected by universities,19807 are verified and 25047 records are still pending.Now these records told the whole story,,Universities were not verifying degrees and their was pressure on them to get degrees verified so now they are showing records as rejected so no one can ask from them.
    Its not long ago that ministry annouce that now instead of giving 30 thousand people internship ,,the ministry has decided to give 50 thousand internship in the N.I.P 2009,,The full news story can be read by going to this link

    This news was published in all major Urdu and English news papers

    17558 records are rejected by universities,,before this 2116 candidates were rejected due to over-age,wrong c.n.i.c,already availed internship and other reasons,so out of 62422 applications 42748 are left as valid,,25047 degrees are still pending for verification,it means that now there are more seats now and less applications?
    This all seem to be a joke to unemployed youth of Pakistan,,now is there any reasons why 17558 records are rejected by universities?Will candidates be informed that they are rejected by their university?
    Answer to all these questions is “No”.,universities are not accountable,,No one is asking from them that why they took so long for verification and now what are the reasons for rejection.A video conference was held to pressurize V.C’s of universities to make verification process fast,,what they done fast is this they rejected a big number of degrees so no one can raise fingers to them.
    Besides all this why ministry of youth affairs is not announcing now that all remaining candidates will get internship now as their are more seats then application,the answer is they will not announce because now plannings must be going on to utilize the fund provided by Asian development bank to some “other” place.

    More over most of the candidates selected in the 1st batch didn’t start their internship until now although it over one and a half month since the lists were displayed of selected candidates.

    What all this means? This means that National Internship Program is a failed story now,A project which was giving chance for government to gain credibility in youth is proving to be another nail in the coffin to the selected government due to bureaucracy,corrupt officers,ignorance by universities and “officer shahi”.
    The youth which was waiting anxiously waiting this program to be successfully completed is now further depressed and frustrated,they are feeling as humiliated,as more then 15 thousand people daily visiting nation internship program website to see is there any latest news now know that nothing will happen.
    On ning network number of youth were discussing when,how ,,will program will get going,,sad news for them is this that national Internship Program was another false activity to fool them.
    Most probably their are chances that ministry of youth affairs will hold the program here or will suspend it now .
    Is there any one who will ask from hec officers that why verification process was so slow?Will hec ask the reasons from universities that why records are rejected?will Ministry of youth Affairs be asked why this process was so lengthy ?
    Youth of pakistan looking for answers

  3. hello i want to do internship here as i am jst going to pass out freom univercity.
    i am student of b.s.c.s.

  4. i’d also applied bt nt gt any reply yetttttttt when d results of these internships will b announced?????????
    reply plzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. i have done bs(hons)in psychology. i need internship in any clinical sector of islamabad. kindly inform me soon

  6. I have completed my MA economics from agriculture university faisalabad and now i have need an intrnship

  7. Sir, i completed my MBA MIS degree now but unfortuanately my age is 26 years, is there chance in age relaxtion to apply in NIP. Plz inform me at my address or mobile no: 03337643325

  8. I suggest that NIP should be made exclusive for overage candidates. Because nes graduates can find their jobs and have their time yet. Therefor candidates who are 30 to 40 in age should be given opportunity. Thank you.

  9. Respected sir.
    i’ve applied for internship twice but i have not been given a cahnce so far.This is my last kindly consider my application.Ragards.
    Manzoor Ahmed AJK

  10. Respected sir, I have applied for internship from balochistan in 2010 i am a B.Sc passed jobless person and i really need a internship from you so plz give me the opportunity to save my carrer

  11. assalam o alaikum.
    sir i have done Masters in International Relations (M.Sc IR) from NUML islamabad. i need internship for experience related to my field.
    thanks regards.

  12. the students whom applied in 2010 they have not yet recieved any response from nip. They are giving not updates to the applicants. what do we? tell us! we are still waiting nip response kindly understand the situation of every applicant.wait kr kr k dimagh kharab ho chuka hua h hmara r agr contact kro to ap pick ni krty agr yehi kuch krna hta h to is tarah k projects shuru krty q ho ap? agr shuru kr he lyty hn to kam sy kam usy paya takmeel tak to pohnchaya krien

  13. Hi everyone,

    I would first like to say that its my opinion whatever I’m going to right and Raza bhai will confirm soon who posted this.
    MENSA doesn’t have to do anything with government or these internship programs, what we do here is simply inform you about some opportunities that you can avail, as you can read from the post that it is an internship offered by government and MENSA has no part to play in it neither know the status of any applications. The sole purpose of such posts is informing fellow MENSANs of the opportunity available that you can apply it.
    However, there are at times some opportunities like the TRG talent hunt and another TRG job opportunity in which Hasan bhai was directly contacted and asked for MENSANs in which case we can be of help, so in short before getting angry on us, kind confirm if there is anything we can do about it :)

  14. Asslamu alaikum
    Sir i want to internship in agriculture field because i have done my BSc(hons) in agriculture and environmental sciences with major subject Plant Breeding and Genetics. Plz help me
    Allah Hafiz

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