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FACT: In 1973 Mensa member & Motorola employee Martin Cooper placed the world’s 1st mobile call

      On 3rd April 1973, 40 years from now, Mensa member & Motorola employee Martin (Marty) Cooper made the first mobile phone call. Marty, as he was known, used a Motorola DynaTAC to call Bell Labs (then a division of AT&T), ”I’m ringing you just to see if my call sounds good at your [...]

LAHORE: Mensa IQ Test – April 5, 2014

MENSA IQ TEST @ LGS Johar Town , LAHORE – 5 April 2014   5th April 2014 Lahore Grammar School Johar Town in collaboration with Mensa Team presents to you: MENSA IQ TEST, a golden opportunity for you to join Mensa International, the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world. Membership of Mensa [...]

NEWS: 6 year old qualifies to become to the YOUNGEST Mensa member in Pakistan

NEWS: 6 year old qualifies to become to the YOUNGEST Mensa member in Pakistan In a simple but impressive ceremony held on 26 March 2014 at ‪#‎Islamabad‬ based International Grammar School and College, Khulood Fatima Zia, a student of class 1 was offered membership to join Mensa, the prestigious global high IQ society, making her the youngest [...]

[Lahore] MENSA Meetup

Dear Members, Assalam o alaikum. We will inshAllah meet up on Saturday 7th September, 2013 at Malee’s Cafe Gulberg at 5:20. Among other things two important things are rearranging Lahore team since some members have gone abroad, and secondly planning this year’s Lahore test. So if you interested in being part of the team, or [...]

[Lahore] GBM Saturday 27th April

Venue: DHA-EME Club Day: Saturday, 27th April, 2013. Time: 7:00pm. ——————————————– Next Lahore GBM is scheduled for Saturday 27th April, 2013 inshAllah. We are planning to have rock climbing and Archery (and mini-golf too if someone is interested). You can also bring friends . However PLEASE CONFIRM whoever is interested to come so we have [...]

[Lahore] General Body Meeting

Venue: Paniniz, DHA Phase IV-37 CCA Block. Day: Saturday, 30th March, 2013. Time: 7:00pm onward. ———————————————————— We are due 2013′s GBM since long so here we go.. following are the things planned for this GBM.. feel free to suggest anything else you have in mind. 1. Membership renewal 2. Activities suggestion for this year 3. [...]

Mensa IQ Test in Islamabad on Saturday, 22 December 2012

Saturday, 22 December 2012 Mensa Pakistan in association with NUST Science Society is organizing its internationally recognized IQ admission test. Timing: 10:30am (test session after every 30 minutes) Venue: NUST – H-12, Islamabad, Pakistan Test charges: PKR 500 (per person per attempt) For queries contact: Armaghan: 0300-9493260 - Idrees: 0321-2820604 Mensa Pakistan  T: 0345-2130077 - E:

[Lahore] General Body Meeting

Assalam o alaikum, We will inshAllah be having our long awaited General Body Meeting (GBM) on coming Friday 28th September 2012. (Exact time and venue will be updated soon). Members who still haven’t renewed their membership for the years 2012 and new qualifiers can get membership on the event as well. We will inshAllah be [...]

[Lahore] MENSA IQ test on Saturday 29th September, 2012.

Hi all, We are expected to have a MENSA supervised IQ test in Lahore on Saturday 29th September inshAllah. Venue: LGS Girls Branch. 136-E, Phase 1. DHA. Sessions: 1) 9:30am to 10:00am 2) 10:10am – 10:40am 3) 10:50am – 11:20am Note: You have to register/appear in just one session as per your convenience and slots [...]

The famous 90 x 3 + 20 puzzle.

I first heard a variant of this puzzle back in school, that’s going back to the early 1980s. Lets see how many can solve it. This is not as simple as you may think. It is good to let an ageing brain do some work. Three men went to a hotel to share a room. [...]

[Lahore] GBM & Certificate Distribution Ceremony

We will be having our next GBM for Lahore as well as Certificate Distribution Ceremony for LUMS PsiFi Test Qualifiers and GIKI test qualifiers of Lahore on coming Sunday 6th May, 2012 inshAllah. Time: 5:30pm to 6:15pm Venue: Malee’s Cafe ( Opposite Xinhua Mall, Mian Mehmood Ali Kasoori Road, Gulberg III, Lahore ) P.S: To [...]

[Lahore] General Body Meeting

Assalam o alaikum, We will inshAllah be having our long awaited General Body Meeting (GBM) on coming Sunday 18th December 2011. (Exact time and venue will be updated soon). We will be discussing plans for 2012, possible events and most importantly we will be filling up our vacant posts of Lahore Body with willing members [...]

Mensa Intelligence Day – Pakistan Program schedule

Boost your brainpower: Join our IQ tests on Intelligence Day! On Intelligence Day, people all over the world participate in our scientific IQ test. Take the chance to broaden your horizon! You can find out your IQ score, measure your intelligence and its different abilities. In addition, numerous events offer the chance to meet the [...]

Mensa Foundation International Scholarships for foreign Mensans

Mensa Foundation Scholarships applications are now available! Get started on your application today! The Mensa Education & Research Foundation college scholarship program bases its awards totally on essays written by the applicants. Consideration is not given to grades, academic program or financial need. The scholarship application process opens Sept. 15 and closes Jan. 15. The [...]

MENSAN Job Opp: Senior Manager, Customer Analytics @ TRG

Dear Mensans, Here is another opportunity by multinational company TRG for Mensa members meeting the criteria: Please spread the word among your circles, Mensan or not-Mensa lets help TRG find the right candidate Feel free to contact me for more details: regards, Hasan Anwer Zuberi Chairman | Mensa Pakistan | Cell: +92 345 213 [...]

Asian Mensa Gathering – 23-25 September 2011

First Asian Mensa Annual Gathering (AMG-2011) is all set for 23-25 September in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia The 3 day event will be followed by Pangkor Island retreat scheduled for 26-28 2011. Mensa Pakistan is one of the proposers and event collaborators of Asian Mensa Gathering, hence would love to someone representing Mensa Pakistan in the [...]

Stop not learning, Quit not trying.

I am an all time learner. The above title has been my principle in life. The person who takes this as his principle in life may face tough times, difficulties, problems, one thousand and one hardships but he/she will come up as a successful person in weeks, months or maybe a year or two. The said [...]

Job Opportunity for MENSANs – Finance Analyst @ a Multinational Company

Dear Mensans, Please go through the email as follows and if interested contact me at the earliest and i will share the <Job Description> with you at the earliest. regards, Hasan Anwer Zuberi Chairman | Mensa Pakistan | Cell: +92 345 213 00 77 ———- Forwarded message ———- From: N, Z Date: Tue, Jul [...]

Lahore – MENSA IQ test on 23rd July 2011

MENSA is organizing its test in Lahore on Saturday 23rd July at 364 E-1 LGS Johar Town. There will be four test sessions (added if required) at the following times: 1. 9:00am to 9:30am 2. 10:00am to 10:30am 3. 10:45am to 11:15am 4. 11:30am to 12:00pm You need to ONLY appear in one test session, whatever [...]

Looking for Volunteers to organize Mensa IQ test all over Pakistan

The summer holidays are on … and all who wish to have a Mensa test in their respective cities … now is the opportunity Mensa Pakistan is on the lookout for volunteers to help organize Mensa IQ test in different cities all over Pakistan All we need from our volunteers is to help us secure [...]

03 year old wishes to be part of Mensa Published in Daily Jang (Pakistan’s leading Urdu newspaper), 02 June 2011   News in English: Daily Mail UK: Girl, three, with IQ of 140 who already reads bedtime stories to her baby sister By COLIN FERNANDEZ Last updated at 4:02 AM on 2nd June 2011 She reads to her baby sister and competes with her [...]

FORBES: LEADERSHIP – The youngest woman in venture capital & Mensa member: Ernestine Fu, age 20 LEADERSHIP Names You Need to Know: Ernestine Fu May. 13 2011 – 11:03 am | 10,022 views | 3 recommendations | 8 comments The youngest woman in venture capital? Erenestine Fu, age 20.  Ernestine Fu may be the first Stanford sophomore to work as a venture capitalist while carrying a full course load. For the past two months Fu, who turned 20 [...]

Mensa IQ test @ ISLAMABAD (Monday 09 May) & ATTOCK (Tuesday 10 May)

Mensa Pakistan is organizing IQ test sessions at: ISLAMABAD on Monday 09 May 2011 & Tuesday 10 May 2011 ATTOCK on Tuesday 10 May 2011 Test charges: Rs 500 / test / participant For any further details – pls contact: Hasan Zuberi – 0345-2130077 –

Are you Mensa material? 1

A person forgot his 5 digit pin code but remembers some hints: 1st digit is square of second digit Sum of 2nd & 3rd digits makes 10 4th digit is 2nd digit +1 Sum of 5th and 3rd digit makes 14 Sum of all digits = 30 … can you decode the pin-code

Are you Mensa material?

Know the answer ? 7 + 6 = 113 9 + 1 = 810 5 + 3 = 28 9 + 6 = 315 then 7 + 2 = ???

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